Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery


busi·ness con·ti·nu·i·ty plan n The ability to resume all critical, essential and necessary business functions within reasonable timeframes, with minimal economic loss, strategic impact or damage to an organisations reputation and operational activities.

Effective business continuity planning establishes a basis for an organisation to maintain and recover business processes when operations have been disrupted unexpectedly. The Business Continuity Plan must cover more than just the recovery of technology services; it must cover the recovery of all critical business operations.

Comprehensive ...
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There is a false sense of security in thinking that business continuity is an Information Technology problrestoredem. Business continuity is part information, part logistics and part business processes. To complete a comprehensive continuation plan, it is important to consider all three aspects.

Dancrai Business Continuity Planning Services offer a systematic approach to developing, testing and maintaining a comprehensive business continuity plan. For more information about our Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery services please contact us.

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