Our Approach


Dancrai has a proven methodology for delivering consistent IT support and services. The Dancrai Approach emphasises:

  • Aligning the IT strategy of an organisation with the business strategy and business plan
  • Taking advantage of new technologies and approaches as they become business viable
  • Ensuring continued cost savings and business enabling opportunities are proactively put in front of the customer
  • Considering IT infrastructure comprehensively, ensuring that everything is considered strategically rather than in isolation
  • Proactive maintenance to prevent issues from occurring
  • Establishing a Scheduled Maintenance Plan which is customised to identify regular service tasks and responsibilities
  • Identifying issues as soon as they occur through early warning systems and remote monitoring servicesputting the pieces together
  • Responding to issues quickly through support escalation procedures
  • Accountability through sophisticated systems and monthly statements of support activity
  • Account Management to monitor and facilitate the efficient resolution of issues and to assist with ongoing strategic implementation and planning
  • A team of professional and experienced engineers who can respond to all network issues with a planned and predictable approach.

More Information

For more information about our approach to providing IT support and services or to discuss how we might be able to customise our services to suit your organisation please contact us:

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